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Inspire to Retire Podcast

Financial Advice Podcast

Inspire to Retire” is our weekly radio show aired LIVE at 6am on WHP580 with Bill Parker. The show concentrates on advising clients about the current trends in the stock markets, highlights stocks “to watch”, and provides advice regarding upcoming retirement strategies.  During the show we also discuss how to get ready for retirement.  Whether you are ready to retire next month, the next 6 months or 5 years from now, we advise on how to prepare your portfolio for retirement.  Our show also focuses on discussing 401k’s, estate planning, and insurance coverage.  Whether you listen to our show LIVE or on our podcasts at whp580.com, we want to help educate and inform our listeners so they are comfortable once they finally do make that decision to retire.

You can catch our Podcasts live in WHP 580!
Saturday mornings, from 6AM – 7AM!

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