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Bruce Smith on Good Day PA

This episode aired on April 5th, 2024.

While the idea of investing can seem intimidating, there are low-risk investment options out there that will keep your money working for you. Bruce Smith of Grandview Asset Management tells us about some of the best go-to investments for any investor.

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Good Day PA on 3/6/2024

Investing can get complicated, and that’s why Grandview Asset Management is making it easy with their financial rules of thumb.

Good Day PA on 2/5/2024

59 and a half is an important age when it comes to retirement, especially if your company has a 401(k) plan.

Good Day PA on 1/10/2024

If you have financial goals for 2024 it’s important to consider the investment themes of the year.

Good Day PA on 12/7/2023

Bruce Smith is back with even more knowledge for your financial wellness, investment themes in 2024.

Good Day PA on 11/1/2023

Bruce Smith from Grandview Asset Management shares the rules of investing you should keep in mind as you prepare for retirement.

Good Day PA on 9/28/2023

Bruce Smith with Grandview Asset Management shares a few of his rules of investing to help you prepare for your financial future.

Good Day PA on 8/30/2023

Bruce Smith with Grandview Asset Management shares the final few points of his retirement checklist.

Good Day PA on 7/24/2023

Whether you want to retire next year or in the next 20 years, Grandview Asset Management can help! A great place to get started is with their 21 point retirement checklist.

Good Day PA on 4/4/2023

With more than 30 years of investment industry experience, Grandview Asset Management says it aims to inform, educate and give you the peace of mind you can afford to retire on.

Good Day PA on 6/30/2023

It’s never too soon to plan for your retirement. Not sure where to start? Grandview Asset Management has a 21 step plan that will help.

Good Day PA on 5/3/2023

Bruce Smith from Grandview Assent Management shares the differences between a fiduciary and a financial advisor and which one you should have on your team as you prepare for retirement.