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Our wealth management team has an incredible amount of experience building and protecting wealth in Harrisburg, PA. Even if you are an experienced investor, our wealth management Harrisburg, PA team can offer timely advice and expertise!

Finding the right Wealth Management in Harrisburg, PA

Grandview Asset Management has been working with the wealthy for over 60+ years to manage and make the most of their wealth. As wealth advisors, we know wealth can create incredible complexity, even when you’re striving for simplicity – wealth can also bring a level of uncertainty when you crave clarity. Simply put, wealth can bring a variety of things and emotions, but our wealth advisors know what matters most is what you want it to bring in your life.

The reality is, any Harrisburg wealth management firm can make claims regarding expertise, customer-first focus and personal service, but our Harrisburg wealth advisors truly deliver on these high standards and levels of expectations you demand. When choosing the right Harrisburg investment advisors and wealth advisors, it’s not what you see that matters – it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference. At Grandview Asset Management, we approach each client with incredible service: we provide the same care, concern and attention as we would our own family. Honestly, you deserve the best wealth management possible. The value of working with our team is unmeasurable. We’re here for you!

Partner with the best Harrisburg Wealth Management advisors

We understand select the right Harrisburg Wealth Management advisor team is crucial. Just like a tailor designs and customizes a suit to your exact specifications, our investment management and overall wealth management process is hand-crafted for you, with you, reflecting who you are, what is important to you and why. As your wealth management team in Harrisburg, PA, we closely partner with you to ensure every aspect of your of your plan delivers clarity and provides the utmost confidence in your financial path. What sets us apart is the fact we have decades of experience working with generations of wealth to simplify the complicated, keeping you knowledgeable and completely comfortable. We strive to inspire incredible confidence that allows you to sleep better at night knowing our Harrisburg wealth advisors are working hard to protect and grow your wealth.

When you partner with GrandView Asset Management, you will receive innovative strategies and highly responsive personal service. We’re easily accessible, always ready to answer the toughest questions and always providing quality insight. We’ll focus on being your Wealth Advisor so you can put your focus elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. But anyone can “say” they’re a fiduciary. There are very few accredited fiduciaries in our area, and GrandView Asset Management is one.

What Is a Fiduciary? A fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust. Being a fiduciary thus requires being bound both legally and ethically to act in the other’s best interests. (Source: Investopedia.com)

We are fee-based, which is tied to how well your account does. If your account does well, we do well. Charles Schwab is our custodian. The fee is deducted from accounts on a quarterly basis.

  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
  • Certified Kingdom Advisor
  • Certified Estate Planner

We have 60+ years of industry experience managing money in good times and bad. That’s the kind of experience you want in your corner. Feel free to learn more about our team here.

There is no cost or obligation to meet with us, and we do not have a minimum for investing. We meet with clients in person or via Zoom every 3-4 months to review their accounts. At GrandView Asset Management, you’ll find our team is full of caring, extremely friendly people who are eager to help you with unbiased advice and on-going support.

Because we provide close, personal attention, we form enduring relationships with our clients. In the atmosphere of trust, our clients are empowered to make informed, calculated, and intelligent decisions about their financial future. Our mission is always to put the client’s needs and objectives above our own.

In today’s complex financial world, where everyone seems to have something to sell, wouldn’t it be refreshing to find someone you can trust to advise you wisely and responsibly. Most people want a sense of security about their financial advisor, that their advisor is knowledgeable, capable, and is willing to give them true expectations. That’s what creates peace of mind. We look at each client as a unique individual with personal as well as financial goals and give you the attention you deserve.

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